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Support: The Dead Venue Society (DVS).

Pub's are gone, that club you went to has gone, the nightclub you first haunted is now a block of flats. Clubs and venues are closing down at such a sad a rate, we decided to try and record the past.

The recording and building of this project is to help make sure tomorrow understand what yesterday was really like, and the real fun that was had by many.

Can you add venues or eventys of the past, add some history to venues already listed or add venues and locations not listed?

On each closed venue listed you can: :

  • Add Your Memories
  • Add Videos
  • Add photo’s
  • Leave messages for others
The Dead Venue Society is about recording closed venues and details of yesterday which is more a labour of love than a commercially viable section of the nightlife website.

The history of these gone venues are gone along with our past dreams, fond, strange, and life long memories, please add any venues that you frequented in the past and is now closed, Let our grandchildren see what proper fun used to be........................