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Phoenix Fireworks Ltd

Phoenix Fireworks Ltd

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+44 1732 822788


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Hill Park Farm, Wrotham Hill Road
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The British Pyrotechnists’ Association (BPA) is the recognised industry trade body for professional fireworks companies. Unlike the EIG, the BPA has minimum requirements in terms of membership – these are: significant turnover, adherence to a published code of conduct, correct insurance and storage facilities and licences. There are other trade bodies where the requirement is simply to pay a small fee. The membership of the BPA is just over thirty, but they represent the best in the industry.

Not only are Phoenix members of the BPA, but we are active on the management committee of the group. As an organisation we have instigated the only training and qualification system for those engaged in fireworks displays.

All our staff have been trained and have taken (and passed) the BPA examination system to either Firers or Senior Firers level. This exam is likely to be adopted by the EU as a definition of competency in the forthcoming legislation on fireworks