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Studio XIII

Studio XIII

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Our gallery features original art, prints & collectibles by some of the finest tattoo, graffiti, rock, skate, surf & underground artists, including Robert Aalbers, Ami James & Chris Garver (of the Discovery hit TV show, Miami Ink), Paul Rodgers, Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry, Derek Riggs, Yoshito Nakano / Horiyoshi III, Filip Leu, Lyle Tuttle, Jack Dracula, Doc Forbes, Tattoo Peter De Haan, Crazy Philadelphia Eddie, Henning Jorgensen, Alex Binnie, Mick from Zurich, Sabine Gaffron, Robert Hernandez, Mike Rubendall, Joel Ang, Jeroen Franken, JB Marks, Erik de Haan, Dale Sarok, Agustin Cavalieri, Kim-Anh Nguyen and many more! Items of interest include: original acetate stencils, Burmese tattoo kits, Ming dynasty porcelain and Thangkhas painted by Tibetan monks exiled from Nepal! See the gallery section for the latest exhibitions, events and Edinburgh Fringe Festival happenings.