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You might read our terms and think wow that’s kinda not normal, that’s because we use the fabric of life as our guide in everything we do, being nice is more important that grabbing some cash, yes we do have rules, but like the mobile phone provides we use a fair use policy. In London it's called fair exchange is no robbery! Fair is debatable but lets leave some fun in the equation. 

We live life with the cart before the horse and we help the horse, because we are all equal.

Our Terms

We use several sets of rules for our terms, whilst they are broad, and some might say ambiguous they have been written in an all-encompassing way. We do get things wrong, please tell us.


You are not excluded from any statutory rights.


All the good stuff from the top ten like, Do NOT rip off anyone, Do not kill anyone, Be Nice.


We offer pin money jobs to many different people around who are responsible for some of our data, if there is anything incorrect or wrong please let us know.

Free Means Free:

The free services will remain free, we do not have any plans now or in the future to apply a pricing to any products or services offered free. We also know the more we give away free in a fair exchange way, the fabric of life sends us happiness and some cash.

Strong Community Group Support:

We are a socially minded people, thats not just bull we put here to look good, we fully support where possible local community groups in a number of ways through our Registered charity. We know that money makes the world go around, but inportance in quality of life whilst your on the planet is more important and we work to help that balance through community groups.


Hopefully simple!