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Rule Name Rule Description Points
New user Assign points to new users 1.00
Invite with success Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user when his friend registered with success 0.00
Referral points Allows referrer to get bonus points percentage points for all user points awarded to their referrals 1.00 %
Admin Bonus This will be allocated by admin, this must include all fields 100.00
Coupon points codes Allows users to enter a code in the module appropriate to get extra points 0.00
Raffle This rule allows to enable a raffle system. 0.00
Upload avatar profile Assigns points when a user upload a picture or avatar in his profile with the internal avatar system of AltaUserPoints 0.25
Submit Listing Get paid to add listings 2.00
Submit Review Earn points for adding suppliers 0.25
Submit Review Comment Comment on review 2.00
Submit Listing Media Assigns points for media submission 0.50
Submit Listing Photo Assigns points for photo submission 0.50
Submit Listing Video Earn points for video submission 0.50
Submit Listing Audio Assigns points for audio submission 0.25
Submit Listing Attachment Assigns points for attachment submission 0.00
Social Network Authentication Award points to users when they link their Joomla account to a social network account 0.00
Facebook Comment New Award points to users when leaving Facebook comments on your site. 0.00
Facebook Comment Delete Remove points from users when deleting their Facebook comments. 0.00
Facebook Friend Request Sent Award points to users that send Facebook Requests to their friends. 0.00
Google +1 content on the site Award points to users that use the Google +1 on your site. 0.00