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NTT Security (UK) Limited
NTT Security (UK) Limited: London
Together with our NTT partner companies (NTT Communications, NTT...
London Security Systems
London Security Services (UK) Ltd
We’ve been offering our London security company services for...
G3 Security Ltd.
G3 Security Ltd.
We have the highest standards of integrity and excellence...
Paramount Radio Communications
Paramount Radio Communications
Our hire personnel have a wealth of experience in...
Response Security Solutions
Response Security Solutions
Response Security Solutions are a professional crowd management and...
Bodyguards Services in Uk
Bodyguards Services in Uk
we are a leading bespoke security solutions company with...
Spindlewood Limited

Spindlewood Limited

616 0 1

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Phone Number
0845 230 0113


Street Name Address
"The Resource Centre Regent Street", County Featherstone
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The Company was established by Peter Carver, an Operations Director from the CCTV industry and Richard Carver, a former ESSO Senior Executive and rapidly established itself as a market leader. Progressive with technology, innovative in the provision of quality solutions and with a clear focus on client management, the company became a pioneer in web-based & fibre-based surveillance solutions.