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Trumin is a software and events company. We simplify complex events.

We started working in events as technical consultants with the London Marathon, coordinating their hugely complex timing systems. With our experience there, we moved into simplifying more of the race day work.

Working closely with Spartan Race, we developed an online platform where participants buy their tickets, and manage their bookings without having to get in touch with the event organisers. For event-day, we developed a system of dynamic chip allocation, where we associate a chip with a participant as they arrive at the event. This means no stuffing of envelopes, and no queues at registration.

Having proven our system of participant self service and dynamic chip allocation, we worked on generalising our platform so that it could be used by any event organiser for their race. We added analytics, merchandise sales, and more to the platform, and expanded our event-day technology to include features including a point of sale app, a medical app and heat management. We improved our live results offering to include an API for medal engravers, and live results kiosks at the finish line.

Our reputation as a complete solution for massive and complex races garnered attention from other markets, who were interested in a product like ours which would support their complexity. Working with key clients in the festival and expos industries, we have further expanded our feature set to support accommodation sales, multiple payment options, customisable and translatable registration questions, all of which are used by our clients in the race industry, allowing them to offer products and services that their competitors struggle to support.

We work on three continents, in three distinct event industries, taking payments in 7 currencies.