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Neptunus Ltd

Neptunus Ltd

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0845 180 4001


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Cob Drive Swan Valley
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The Neptunus family
Today, the third generation of the family is at the helm and the company now operates from seven locations across Europe – Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Austria and the United Kingdom. The unique family ‘hands on’ approach to business brings out the best in our highly dedicated and motivated workforce of over 280 people.

Neptunus has built its brand around quality and excellence of product and is renowned for innovation in product design.

R & D
Neptunus was the world’s first supplier to design and build a temporary structure with two and even three storeys. It’s a far cry from Anton Eilers’ army tent but technological advancements that were once focused purely on the events industry are now offering cutting-edge solutions for additional space requirements for any business, any time and any where. The ‘Evolution and ‘Flexolution’ temporary buildings open up new possibilities as a flexible and sustainable alternative to real estate.

Neptunus Philosophy
We believe that the secret of our success lies not only in our top-quality products but in our ambitious drive. Behind the technology is a philosophy of customer care and teamwork which is evident in every employee. People make the difference and our staff is not only highly trained but dedicated and enthusiastic. This translates into high standards of service and attention to detail for every client and project. We are committed to providing expert advice, the best products and a partnership approach to all our clients.