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Brudenell Social Club

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Brudenell Social Club

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+44 113 275 2411


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33 Queen's Rd
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The Brudenell is a lively and fun loving venue that embraces music and art under a wide and diverse umbrella that has no boundaries.Our open music policy believes in freedom and creation and holds the belief that music and expression provide useful social interaction.It is a community ‘non profitmaking’ venue, that holds charitable status, based in Leeds 6. The Brudenell Social Club is owned by its members, run by its members, for its members.The Brudenell is most famous for hosting secret gigs for bands like Franz Ferdinand and the Kaiser Chiefs. However, it has been a centrepiece of the Leeds music scene for a number of years, and hosts gigs most nights of the week, which are put on by a variety of local promoters.