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Black Furniture Hire

Black Furniture Hire

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Units 18, 20 and 22 Sheriff Hutton Industrial Estate Sheriff Hutton
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So often these days I meet brides and grooms who have been sold short.
Their marquee supplier stocks two types of chair and insist that either will do them just fine – they’ll only be sitting on them for a few hours.

Strangely, I never hear of a bride buying the only wedding dress in the shop because there weren’t any others to choose from, or a couple who accept the caterer can only supply sausage rolls. It just wouldn’t happen.

When you look back at photos of your marquee or venue, around 50% of the picture will be the chairs and tables – we want to help you set the scene.

We offer a range of the finest banquet chairs available and can help you choose a style and colour that will form the main backdrop for your event.

Here at Blacks, we don’t stock thousands of items. We concentrate on a distinctive range of products – carefully chosen and well maintained.

We are passionate about chairs.

From traditional banqueting chairs in a wide range of finishes and colours through to our new range of transparent polycarbonate, chrome and leather chairs, we can help you transform your setting into something truly memorable.

The chairs we offer are the preferred choice at many royal and state occasions as well as at society weddings and other high profile events.
Many a famous rear has had the fortune to sit on a ‘Black’ chair!

We’ve been supplying event furniture for over twenty years – I hope we can be of service to you in the near future