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Line Dancers

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Eynsham Morris
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Eynsham Morris has a long and distinguished history, which has been documented from 1856 and probably stretches back at least two hundred years before that. There was a forty-year...
Glasgow Line Dancing
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I decided in 2012 to retrain as a specialised fitness instructor for the older adult. After some research, I decided to look at Laterlife Training courses and Cardiac Rehabilitation....
Blue Velvet Line Dancers
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Every year I aim to raise money for Cancer Research and have raised over £10,000 with the help of other Line Dancers at various events. We have been away...
Urban Line Dance
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We are proud to have completed six years of Urban Line Dance classes. The years have passed so quickly since we began in September 2012. This year we have...
Outta Line Dance
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I am also a line dance choreographer. My dances include: 'Be Happy', 'Mamma Mia', 'Clubline', 'What's Your Poison' and 'Flashdance'.I am qualified wih the BWDA2000 (British Western Dance Association)...
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Alison & Peters' aim has always been to provide a service to the world of line dance by not only creating what has been successful choreography throughout the years...
6 results - showing 1 - 6