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BMA Artists

BMA Artists

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+44 20 3846 8469


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29 Cranley Mews
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BMA ARTISTS  is an acting & artists agency that creates opportunities – working with casting directors, film directors, producers and creative agencies to put BMA actors in the frame for roles across all the genres – film, TV, stage, theatre, radio and commercials. BMA’s actors have unrivalled support from the office personnel in managing for auditions and giving actors the ultimate chance to get the role. Once an offer is negotiated, BMA ensures that fees are commensurate with the nature of the role and our client’s profile. BMA works tirelessly to ensure that our Actors and Artists have the best opportunity to fulfil in their careers. Teamwork is our watch word, we represent the clients as a team benefiting from shared knowledge and relationships. We are all very passionate about developing an actor’s career in an industry which is changing at a phenomenal rate. We strive to achieve the best work and strike the best deals for our clients and guide them towards making choices that lead to a long and successful career.