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RiRi Productions

RiRi Productions

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+44 20 7193 9522


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Soho, London
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Our carefully selected dancers & creatives are the elite of the industry. How can we be sure of that? Because our team here in the office were all extremely successful creative directors/choreographers/performers in their “former” lives, who amongst other things, have collectively been involved in over 30 West End musicals, and had at one point worked with every artist who’d ever won a Grammy. (Not any more, as a few more have been given out in the past two years.. but we’ll let you know when that stat changes again!) Our point is we know talent when we see it, and you can trust our opinion. Our vast experience, both in front and behind the scenes, coupled with our love of what we do, ensures everything is done with the upmost expertise, professionalism and integrity. This company was born to ensure that the most talented performers are the performers who work, and that impeccably high industry standards remain and are exceeded.