Nightlife is a private domain, personally own since 1996. 

We have recently start a Charity to change parks and local communities, creating tomorrows parks today. 


We believe, Parks and Open Spaces can create well being and make the very best Community Centres.

Entertainment comes in a variety of levels from enjoying time with others to full blown parties and simple things like walking in open spaces and meeting others.

We are working toward creating Smart Parks, creating tomorrows parks today and helping local parks and area's evolve into a vibrant self-funding community spaces with community groups at the heart of everything.


Health and well being
Social isolation
Community cohesion
Social Inclusion
Financial and Environmental Sustainability
Joining the dots between the well being of our parks wildlife and having fun with the locals in the park.

lheader2 has been online since 1996 in one guise or another.

"The team behind Nightlife are London based and have a healthy history in the party side of life" 

For non business users - Nightlife helps you organise your event or party and helps you find a choice of businesses and ideas from the entertainment industry

For business users - Nightlife help you connect with people looking for your business of service within the entertainment industry

This domain "" was first registered in 1996 with a goal to build a nightlife resource however as we got older, and lived like Time was our friend, it turned out Tme was no friend at all and 20 years later we have finally completed stage 1/20 building this site.

Does the fun really stop? Over the years Nightlife has been used for a number of completely outragously fun schemes that any outragous free spirit would appreciate and explored all sorts of party world activities, however time again reared it's head and now we are all old gits, with children. So instead of following the party, we all decided to sit down and create a helpful resource for the futute.

Over the years we have organised or attended many parties ranging from small intimate events, twisted and strange through to themed and traditional events, each and every event has one same goal in mind, entertaining the guests.

Any size event requires the same level of organisation.

We are about helping, if you have any questions or need help organising an event or party, email us your questions we are happy to help

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