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To add a business or service within the entertainment industry is easy and free.

100% Free
Free Business Leads
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Integrated Social Media
MyList System
Free Upgrade

Once your details have been validated:

you will receive a free upgrade wil more page features.

100% Free
Existing Listings Only
Advanced Featured Keyword System
Free Business Leads
Website Links
Integrated Social Media
Advanced Features
MyList System



Free Listing with Free Upgrade

Create and store new suppiers list

Easily Create an online advertising brochure that will include full payment system and delievery services (Example) 


Free Business tools with listing

Once your Business / Service is listed or claimed in the suppliers directory, you will see a small upgrade button appear on your listing (which is free).

The FREE upgrade will then open up a selection of advanced features, services and tools to help your business increase your profile within nightlife and ultimately sales  

Example of these tools are:

Featured Keywords, these are great ways to increase your leads

Access to the Business MyList System

Integrated Marketing SEO

Social Media Integration

We will be offering early adoptors access to our range of tools being released in mid 2019, you support us we will support you.

Free Business Tools without Listing

To use the MyList Business tools (Lite) you need to register and/or login.